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Contact: Arlesa Leopold
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This page provides a listing and description of some of the many ministries, organizations, and other opportunities for parishioners to share their time and talents.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic ministers can be anyone who is in good standing with the Catholic Church, 21 years of age or older.  This ministry distributes the Precious Body and Blood of Christ at all masses as assigned.  If unable to be present for your assigned mass, you are asked to find a replacement from the provided list.  Ministers are also encouraged to help-out at any mass where there is a need.  New Ministers are always welcome.  Contact Father or Alice Kluesner at 636-433-2320 or by email at kluesnerha@hotmail.com

Ministry of Readers (Lectors)
Anyone high school age or older that would like to participate in mass by reading the word of God is welcome.  This ministry covers reading and announcements for weekend masses and special occasions as assigned.  If you wish to participate in this ministry and have not been a reader before, instruction is available.  More readers are always welcome and needed.  For more info contact Alice Kluesner at 636-433-2320 or by email at kluesnerha@hotmail.com.

Cemetery Committee
This group takes care of all matters pertaining to the cemetery including the management of cemetery funds.  Meetings are held annually (or as needed).  Any qualified parish member can be a member. For more info contact Michelle Hellebush at 636-932-4856 m-hellebusch@hotmail.com

Welcoming Committee
This group is the welcome wagon for St. Ignatius Parish.  They contact new parish members, meet with them, answer questions, and make them feel welcome.  Some fresh home baked cookies always make you feel welcome, right?  We are always looking for new member willing to help out with this group.  For more info contact Ellen Fees at 636-433-5698 or by email at fees91094@centurytel.net

Faith Formation Committee
Men and women, young persons, teenagers of any age are welcome.  Our goal is to promote the spiritual growth and welfare of our parish.  Meetings are held periodically as determined by the group.  For more info contact Paul or Sue Hecktor at 636-932-4805 or sphecktor@gmail.com

Parish Building & Grounds Maintenance
This group is responsible for keeping the parish grounds and buildings maintained and looking good. We are always looking for men and women to help out.  Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, tree trimming, and general maintenance and repair are what we do.  We can always use your time and talent, even if it if for an hour or two.  For more info contact the rectory at 636-932-4445 or info@saintig.com

Holy Name Sodality
All men of the parish, 18 years or older are welcome to join this group.  Our goal is to have a strong membership of men to promote support of the parish.  In the past, the Sodality was formed to promote spiritual values of its members, as well as providing support to the parish.  In recent years, this menís group has hosted a shooting match in the spring and fall.  Meetings are bi-annual.  For more info contact Dave Peters 636-932-4875, Norbert Engemann 636-932-4293, or Carl Brewe 636-932-4893.

Home Economics Club
Open to all men and women of the parish that like to quilt, or have a desire to learn.  This club helps finance the Hot Lunch Program for the school to keep lunches affordable for the children.  Interested in learning an almost forgotten craft from the past?  For more info contact Jayne Glosemeyer at 636-932-4263 or Mary Jo Ulett at 636-932-4006.

Home and School
We are a group of parents and others who are interested in helping St. Ignatius remain a viable and vibrant school.  We raise funds for the needs that are outside the regular budget, host events that promote the school and our family atmosphere.  For more information contact Jennifer Fregalette @ 636-667-2531.

Liturgy Committee
Members of this committee meet 6 to 8 times a year to discuss liturgical needs.  Out goal is to present liturgy materials and music for a prayerful and meaningful  atmosphere at mass throughout the year.  This group is also responsible for the various decorations in the church.  The programs such as Renew, Life in the Spirit, and the local Ecumenical celebrations that take place with other churches in our area are arranged by this group.  For more info contact Delores Preis at 636-932-4667.

Grounds Beautification Committee
Anyone is welcome to this group.  It involves some hard works, but lots of fun.  Planting flowers, spreading mulch, trimming trees and shrubs, and watering by this group is what keeps the church grounds looking so great.  Meetings are held as needed.  For more info contact Debbie Garbs at 636-932-4299.

St. Annís Sodality
All ladies of the parish 18 years of age or older are welcomed in this group.  Our goal is to have a strong membership of ladies to actively participate in efforts to improve the spiritual growth of our parish, as well as participate in fundraisers for worthy projects.  We meet annually at Christmas, or more often as needed.  For more info contact Sue Hecktor at 636-932-4805 or Teresa Volkerding at 636-359-0938.


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